High Level National Strategy

(Legal Firearm Ownership)

ON 15 & 16 OCTOBER 2004







Executive summary

1. National strategic statement

2. Prime vision

3. Firearm ownership strategy description/objective

4. Function

5. Current status evaluation

6. Strategy scope and major deliverables

7. Plans

8. Strategy performance measures

9. Financial implications / limitations on the strategy

10. Dependencies and influencing factors

11. Potential Risks

12. Recognized groups

Executive summary

This document is intended to be a plan of action and a strategy whereby legal firearm owners’ interests can be best served. The Firearms Control Act (FCA) 60 of 2000 and accompanying regulations and amendments do not serve the interests and rights of legal firearm owners in South Africa. This document is drafted and formulated to oppose the said Act and to guide legal firearm owners as to their rights as described in the strategy statement of this document.

What this strategy is:

This high level strategy was formulated to unite the interests of all legal firearm owners in a central location. It is intended to ensure that all affected, impacted, interested and willing individuals, groups, organizations, associations, clubs and bodies are aligned with the common denominator: Possession/use of legal firearms as required within such groups, associations etc.

1. National strategic statement

We as concerned law abiding, legal firearm owners and upstanding tax paying citizens of the Republic of South Africa make known that the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 (FCA) and its supporting regulations are a gross infringement on human and constitutional rights. It also infringes such God given/inalienable rights as confirmed and upheld in the South African Constitution, UN Human Rights Charter, Common Law and Bill of Rights. We believe that all citizens’ traditional, constitutional and democratic rights are being abused.

It is our belief that there are underhanded and ulterior motives driving this legislation and will endeavour to expose such suspicions with tangible and factual proof. We also believe that if governments fear their citizens being legally armed, then citizens should fear such governments. The disarming of law-abiding citizens and legal firearm owners is proven in history to always be followed by an increase in violent crime and at times resulting in genocide and ethnic cleansing.

2. Prime vision

Affirm the rights of all people within South Africa to own and bear arms.

3. Firearm ownership strategy description/objective

We are assertively pursuing the opportunity/s to challenge the ideological, draconian and unconstitutional Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 and its accompanying regulations. This Act is found by affected, interested and knowledgeable individuals to be in contravention with what the public requires and demands w.r.t . firearm ownership. Government officials have freely admitted that this Act is not focused on crime or the prevention thereof but on the incremental disarming of all law-abiding citizens of South Africa.

Our intent is to rally support from all sectors of the public and media (Nationally and Internationally) and to expose the Firearm Control Legislation for what it is : poorly researched, analysed and unconstitutional legislation, based on untruths and infringing on South Africans' fundamental / basic human rights.

We are committed to work towards the repeal of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 and to ensure that fair and equitable legislation is formulated that will benefit all law abiding South Africans.

4. Function

Formal Association

    • Leadership Challenge
    • Authoritative reference
    • Membership funding
    • Representing all legal firearm owners in SA

5. Current status evaluation

Firearm News

6. Strategy scope and major deliverables

6.1 Continued creation of public awareness

6.1.2 Write letters Ongoing pressure in the press (Respectable) Create opportunities to address via media (Guideline)

6.1.3 Pamphlets revival (FCA & FFZ) Revisit actual documents and review Knock and drop Do robot drops Do shopping center drops @ entrances

6.1.4 Set up operational cells throughout SA to execute the required work. Identify willing and able people to be part of the cells (Active participation) Contract and brief such people as to the required tasks

6.2 Support of Black Gun Owners

6.2.1 Encourage Black Gun Owners Public education on refusals and relevant matters. Black firearm instructor’s position reviewed. Gun Shop owners to be consulted Get Tel numbers of Black gun owners Teachings of the LAW

6.2.2 Help establish regional chapters of black gun owners groups

6.2.3 Co-operation with BGOASA. Confer and advise. (Forum)

6.3 Mobilization of Women

6.3.1 Co-operation with Vroue Landbou Vereniging (VLV) and Women Against Gun Control

(WAGC) Determine viability of relationships

6.3.2 Include Black women in mobilization Address image issue as was stated by Minister on Black women gun ownership

6.4 Research legalities

6.4.1 Investigate common law Publish rights draft.

6.4.2 Investigate custom law Publish rights draft.

6.5 Inform/mobilize firearm owners (all )

6.5.1 Address clubs/meetings as and when required/requested/needed. (Ad-hoc)

6.6 Monitoring of media

6.6.1 Gather and consolidate information published in the media Allocate responsibility to individuals

6.6.2 Parliamentary monitoring group - PMG Review and post relevant issues

Investigate: Professional subscriptions service to be investigated


  • To have continuously created public awareness on firearm related matters both for and against.
  • To have identified and executed means of supporting the Black Gun Owners Association in their endeavors.
  • To successfully have mobilized women with an interest in firearms related matters.
  • To have researched and understood legalities that are to be pursued around legal firearms matters.
  • To have formally informed and mobilized existing legal firearms owners in South Africa.
  • To constantly monitor the media in their publication of firearm related matters. (both pro and anti).

7. Plans

Strategy - Major activities

8. Strategy performance measures

9. Financial implications / limitations on the strategy

Solution: Use current infrastructure and improve such (VAC Infrastructure to temporarily support the GOSA initiative).

  • No local contributions/donations

Solution: Formulate a plan to canvass local contributions/donations

  • No government support

Solution: Draft a plan to obtain government support. Handoff to an accountable individual to formally draft and submit a request.

  • No fundraising strategy.

Solution: Contract financial consultant to draft a strategy (limitation on the salary due to no funds yet).

  • No War chest to litigate with

Solution: Partly initiated and some funds already received.

  • No Chair

Solution: Nominate, elect and contractually appoint a chairperson

  • Low/No membership

Solution: Aggressively pursue a membership initiation/increase plan

  • No operations board

Solution: Nominate, elect and appoint a relevant and competent board (SALGO BOARD exists)

10. Dependencies and influencing factors

11. Potential Risks

12. Recognized groups



  • Conservation bodies



  • Hunting associations/bodies
  • Sports associations/bodies





  • Collectors
  • Trainers
  • Manufacturers




  • Importers/exporters
  • Any other interested group/s