2006-12-30 : Cop kills girlfriend, son

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2006-12-30 : Cop kills girlfriend, son

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Cop kills girlfriend, son
December 30 2006


Tow-trucker Robert Duncan could not believe his eyes when he saw an off-duty police officer chase his girlfriend down a busy Springs street, shoot her twice and then pump six more bullets into her prostrate body.

Quick-thinking Duncan chased after the alleged killer and alerted the authorities - only to witness the police officer later shoot his one-year-old son dead and then turn the gun on himself.

The alleged gunman, who cannot be named, is fighting for his life in the M17 hospital on the East Rand.

"He is now a murder suspect and had a major operation (on Thursday) night," said East Rand police spokesperson Superintendent Andy Pieke.

Duncan told the Saturday Star, sister newspaper of Pretoria News Weekend, that he had been standing on the corner of Nigel Road and Fourie Street at about 11am on Thursday when he saw a woman running towards him, with a man wielding a 9mm pistol behind her.

"He fired two shots at the woman and she fell to the ground.

"She looked like she was dead, but the man went over to her and fired six more shots before taking her lifeless body (and putting it) in the car," he said.

The little boy was still alive and in the car, a white Mazda 323.

"He then pointed his gun at the crowd that had gathered on the sides of the streets before driving away," said Duncan.

Duncan said that his feet felt numb.

"I just looked at him and did not move, even when he pointed a gun at us.

"This was happening on the main road. I could not believe it," he said.

Duncan said that the gunman, a constable, drove to Selection Park, an East Rand suburb.

"All I thought of was him disposing of the body and destroying evidence. I got into the tow truck car and started to chase after him.

"In Selection Park, in Drang Road, he stopped the car about 100m from me and looked at me.

"I think he was upset because I was following him.

"I reversed the car with my eyes on him and he got into the car and continued to drive. I was right on his heels as he drove to KwaThema," Duncan said.

He called the Ekurhuleni metro police with his two-way radio as he continued the chase, and officers joined the chase shortly afterward.

"He was driving at high speed and overtaking cars and I feared that he was going to cause an accident.

"I bumped his car twice from the back.

"It was on the second bump that he lost control of the car, which spun and faced oncoming traffic and came to a halt.

"He got out of the car and went to the back of the car. I approached him and he looked like he was trying to reload his gun."

The policeman's next move shocked Duncan to his core.

"He shot his little boy in the head, then shot himself. He was lying face-down on his boy and I kicked his body away from his gun," said Duncan.

He expressed his gratitude to the Ekurhuleni metro police, firefighters and paramedics who attended the scene.

"It was a horrific experience and they were there to help me," he said.

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Superintendent Vusi Mabanga said: "Our first guy to arrive at the scene was so shocked that he could not talk. This is the kind of incident that you only see in the movies, not in real life."

The woman and her child could not be named as her next of kin were still to identify her body at a government mortuary.

"The family will be coming from the Free State to identify the body," said Pieke.
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