Draft Regulations : Request for Comments

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Draft Regulations : Request for Comments

Postby wrm » Tue, 2007-11-20 11:41

Another version of the regulations has been published.

Recap : these are the regulations required to implement the Firearm Control Act as amended in 2006.

The amended Act can be found here http://www.gunownerssa.org/downloads/GG-20070822-2006FCA-Amendment.pdf.

The previous draft regulations : http://www.gunownerssa.org/downloads/2007DraftRegulations/draft_reg2007jan.pdf.

The latest draft regulations : http://www.gunownerssa.org/downloads/2007DraftRegulations/GG30401-Notice1325.pdf.

The Amended Firearm Control Act stipulates that a cap & ball revolver has to be licenced. The Regulations make no mention of this. If you have an unlicenced cap & ball revolver, take note -- you might end up with no way to licence this revolver, and you will either have to throw it in a lake or hand it in to the police.

I am glad to see that my submission on the previous draft was taken into account for the new draft -- the semantic changes I suggested were incorporated, making the new draft less vague -- so don't think that sending in your comments will make no difference!
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