2007-05-25 : Robber shot dead by victim

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2007-05-25 : Robber shot dead by victim

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2007-06-08 07:45


Robber shot dead by victim
25/05/2007 09:18 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A 19-year-old robber was shot dead after he and two others robbed a man of his cellphone and wallet, West Rand police said on Friday.

Constable Sefako Xaba said the man was shot dead in a street in Swanneville, Kagiso just before 22:00 on Thursday.

"The three had approached a man walking in the street. At gunpoint they demanded that he give them his cellphone and wallet," said Xaba.

The gang then took the man's belongings and fled from the scene.

Xaba said the man who had been robbed, chased after them and caught up with them.

He then pulled out his firearm and demanded that his cellphone and wallet be returned. One of the robbers then also pulled out his gun and fired a single shot at the man.

"However, the bullet missed the victim who in turn fired three shots at the robber. One of the shots hit the robber on the left side of the face killing him instantly," he said.

The man's cellphone, wallet and two firearms were found at the scene.

Police were investigating cases of murder and armed robbery.
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