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01 November 2017
The Cliff Central team looks at firearm legislation in South Africa. Studio guests include Paul Oxley – chairman of Gun Owners SA, and attorney Martin Hood – specialist in firearm law and security legislation. This is a further show in a series in which we collaborate with LegalTalkSA. Please guys, don't be shy, hit Cliff Central and give your views in the comments thread so that they can see how topical and important this issue is. Catch the podcast here!
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  • Yvonne Yvonne Wednesday, 01 November 2017

    Good Morning
    I have had my STAR 7,65 (.32 AUC) for many many years belonged to Pollsmore Shooting Range:----, AsI have not used Gun in many years, I was advertised by SMS from Douglasdale Police Station to renew Licence, Yesterday when I went to renew was told to hand it in, this I certainly will not do, not with crime rampant in this Country,might land in the wrong hands
    Can you advise me who will destroy said item, with out handing it in the police station
    Many thanks

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