The beginners guide to Jargon

09 August 2017

Everyone starts somewhere when it comes to firearms. For many it's exposure to them through their working environment or circle of friends. The terminology that's bandied about however can leave one wondering if you're actually able to keep up in a simple conversation. Here's a list of some of the commonly used abbreviations and what they mean. If we've missed any feel free to add in the comments section below:


1 Up Carrying a weapon with a bullet in the chamber
AD Accidential Discharge
AIWB Apendix Inside Waist Band
Ammo Ammunition
AR ArmaLite Rifle
BERM Backstop of the range
BPV Bullet Proof Vest
Carry Ammo Ammunition suitable for self defence
CFR Central Firearms Registry
DA Double Action
Ears Ear protection
EDC Every Day Carry
Empty Chamber Carrying a weapon without a bullet in the chamber
Eyes Eye protection
FCA Firearms Control Act
FLASH Firearms Liquor Alcohol and Second Hand 
FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FPS Feet per second
FTE Failure to extract
FTF Failure to fire / Failure to feed
IDPA International Defensive Pistol Association
IPSC International Practical Shooting Confederation
IWB Inside Waist Band
JHP Jacketed Hollow Point
ND Negligent Discharge
OWB Outside Waist Band
RO Range Officer
SA  Single Action
SADPA South African Defensive Pistol Association
SD Self Defence
SMG Sub-Machine Gun
SO Safety Officer
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